Hüner İş has a special place in the custom metal parts industry, particularly in the production of metal furniture components, with its 44 years of manufacturing experience. Our company maintains a customer portfolio of globally-known brands by offering flexibility in design, research and development, engineering and manufacture, in our modern and technologically advanced facilities in Ankara. Since 1969, we have worked to create added value for our customers, employees and community and to use our expertise for making a difference.

We aim to offer innovative, sustainable, all-inclusive solutions as a result of a strategic 10-year plan that will carry Hüner İş onward.

We have decided to turn to the high value-added manufacturing and service fields by extending our services to every sector of the metal industry. Hüner İş is not only a manufacturing company; it is a company which provides products and services, sale after sale.

We aim to be a more successful chief industry leader, increasing our potential in custom manufacturing by using our current capacity more efficiently and reinforcing our strategic partnerships by extending our business to new sectors.

Hüner İş has evolved into a business concern that offers solutions in every field of the metal industry. In addition to the manufacture of metal furniture components and parts, we serve as a custom manufacturer in a wide range of sectors, ranging to the defense, machine and construction industries as well as custom furniture.

We are a company that not only manufactures according to our partners’ specifications, but also works with them throughout the design, manufacture and marketing process. We actively involve our business partners in all respects, extending every effort to develop new projects in order to increase our value-added service and to extend our business to providing new products and services.

M _To apply our expertise in the area of metal working; defining, building, and designing products and services; manufacturing; and meeting all custom manufacturing needs, especially in the furniture sector.

V _To become a pacesetter in Turkey’s professional metal contract production sector; and to attain status as a globally-known industry leader.

_Providing customer-oriented service
_Offering prestige
_Providing the highest-quality products and services
_Engaging in cutting-edge design, research and development
_Reducing our environmental impact
_Maximizing efficiency
_Continually reforming and improving our production and enterprises practices
_Operating within the framework of honesty and moral values
_Exhibiting respect towards our customers, employees and partners

_To meet the needs of our customers and continually improving the quality of our products;

_To encourage everyone in our organization to strive for a common goal in harmony;

_To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely fashion, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty;

_To developing long-term, strategic business partnerships;

_To sustain the reputation and prestige of Hüner İş at the highest level;

_To increase our knowledge and expertise by following the latest technological developments;

_To offer the best products and services at the most competitive cost through maintaining quality human resources and applying the appropriate technology,

_To carry out environmentally friendly manufacturing practices by using natural resources and input efficiently according to the principles of sustainability;

_To measure and periodically review the performance data of the manufacturing process with the goal of continuously improving our approach to production;

_To take the necessary measures to reduce occupational health hazards resulting from the manufacturing process; to prevent occupational accidents and to minimize the risks of our employees.




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